How To Three Way Call With Your Blackberry

The Blackberry is a very complex, and intelligent piece of technology. On most traditional Wireless Phones, there is what we call the Flash button, which switches between the two lines on a phone. Smartphones are a very different kind of phone, here is how to make a three-way call with your Blackberry.

Step 01 :
Dial your first call using the address book or dial it with the keypad, or await someone else calling.

Step 02 :
When the two lines are connected, press the Talk button, or the green call button.

Step 03 :
On this screen, type the name or number you want to call. Then press the Talk button again.

Step 04 :
Once you are connected with the third line, press the Menu button.

Step 05 :
Once the window is opened, press the option that says, Join.

Step 06 :
The two calls are now connected.

Step 7 :
To disconnect from one caller but not the other, press the Menu button again.

Step 8 :
Go to the End Call option.

Step 9 :
A new screen will pop up asking you who you want to disconnect.

Step 10 :
Chose the caller you would like to disconnect.

Step 11 :
You have disconnected them.

Tips :

This feature is also available when you receive an incoming call during an existing call. The caller you have in call waiting can join with the new caller

Warnings :
  • If a mistake is made while trying to make a three-way call, usually it will disconnect everyone on the phone line, so be careful.
  • If you want to hang up on one person but not the other, do not press the End Call button!

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