Unlock iPhone 4S/4/3GS On Any Baseband On iOS 5/5.0.1/5.1

How We can Unlock iPhone 4S?

We are having a trick which is capable of Unlocking the iPhone 4S and it's working on every version of iPhone and of any baseband. Sounds too good to be true. The Unlock trick comes from a Chinese hacker named Locktar_Sun.

Requirements to Unlock your iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS :
  1. Your iPhone should have a Jailbreak. The Untethered Jailbreak for iOS 5 and iOS 5.0.1 works good but if you have a Tethered jailbreak iOS 5.1 iPhone than also this trick works just fine.
  2. Information like Carrier ID and SIM ID of the carrier to which your iPhone is locked. 
The Unlock trick is based on SAM (Subscriber Artificial Module) developed by Sam Bingner.

How To Unlock iPhone 4S/4/3GS On iOS 5 / 5.0.1 / 5.1 On Any Baseband :
  • Launch Cydia and add the repo repo.bingner.com and install the SAM package from it.
  • Now launch SAM by either going to Settings.app and finding SAM or by tapping on to SAMPrefs icon on the Springboard.
  • Now go to Utilities and select “De-Activate iPhone”. Your ActivationState under “More Information” should now be “Unactivated”.
  • In “Method” choose “By Country and Carrier”  and find and select your Carrier ID. In some cases where a particular Carrier has more than one ID than select the SIM ID.
  • Navigate to “More Information” and make a note of the IMSI in “SAM Details”. Just tap on “Spoof Real SIM to SAM”.
  • Navigate to the main SAM screen and select the method as Manual and enter the same IMSI code which you have noted from the previous step.
  • Now connect your iPhone to the computer using USB cable and allow iTunes to activate it. Just double click on the “Phone Number” on the device information and make a note of the ICCID and make sure that it matches to your SIM card.
  • Unplug your device from the computer and disable SAM on your iPhone.
  • Now connect your iPhone to iTunes again and you will get an error saying that your iPhone cannot be activated. Just be patient and shut down iTunes and launch it again.

You will now see the signal bars on your iPhone and your device is completely unlocked. However the device has been unlocked only for that SIM card which you have used during this process. SAM generates a unique unlock ticket for individual SIM cards and hence in order to use other SIM cards you need to repeat the same steps given above again using that SIM card.

If you have noticed that Push notifications have ceased working on your iPhone than you can easily reactivate it by selecting “clear push” utility in SAM.

How to Save Unlock ticket for the SIM card manually :
It is very much recommended to save your Unlock ticket for the SIM card for later use and as a precautionary step. You can easily save your ticket by going to /var/Root/ibrary/Lockdown folder in your device by doing a SSH to your iPhone using iFiles or any other app.

Finally we have a working solution for unlock for all basebands. If you have any problem in installing the Unlock do comment below. We have reports that the Unlock can be successfully on basebands 04.11.08 , 02.10.04, 04.10.01, 04.12.01, 1.0.13, 1.0.14, and 1.0.11


saha said...

informative!!! i got my phone unlocked through remote unlocking services. i got this service for my phone from Superunlockcodes.com

Mirjana Mirjanka said...

Interesting article but I managed to permanent Unlock iPhone 4.

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