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It is not essential to submit your website in the search engines to get listed in it. The easiest way to get listed is to get backlinks from the listed sites allowing search engine spiders to find your website. But if you wish to receive the huge traffic from the Chinese market having 145 million internet users, you should probably start by submitting manually to the China’s No. 1 search engine –

Not many European or American sites are listed in and it could take a while before a Chinese spider finds a link to your page.

Submitting to is under strict supervision of the government and some censorship is applied to listed sites. Getting listed here is probably the best way to get Chinese traffic to your site. Its search result appears in ““, ““, and ““. These are all famous website in China. Also, its refresh time is more frequent than Google and Alltheweb. They say that your submission will probably be included within a month.

Submitting to can be a tricky business as the pages are in Chinese and the link to the submit page can not be found on the homepage. You will easily get to the PPC subscription system as that is where they get their money from, but the free submit page is in some dark corner. To spare you some work, here’s the link:

Type in your website URL and enter the numbers and letters in for Captcha system, There is only one button on the page so that’s probably the submit button. After pressing it, the best way to know if your submission was successful is to notice the URL. It should be:

That’s all, now you should wait at least a month to see your listing at

Submit your site to other Popular Chinese Search Engines

Here are some other search engines to get listed in China:

  • – Submit
  • – Submit
  • – Submit
  • – Submit

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